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History of Hangar 24 Brewery:


Hangar 24 founder Ben Cook began home brewing in the early 2000s, around the same time he first became immersed in the culture of aviation at the Redlands Airport. Once a month, he and his fellow pilots would hold a “Hangar Night,” inviting friends and family to come out to the airport. They would ensure that every single person got a seat in a plane, and they’d take them up the air and allow everyone the chance to experience the joy of flying over their city and their homes. Back on the ground in hangar number 24 they’d swap stories, play music and barbecue over Ben’s latest batch of homebrews. Everyone would bring something, and everyone would contribute in some way.

Ben Cook wanted his brewery’s culture to embody those times, and those nights influenced every step of his developing plan. He wanted to create a place where unpretentious, working class guys could sit shoulder to shoulder with millionaires, watching the planes taking off across the street and bonding over a pint of good beer. A place where people would bring their family and their friends to catch up, and to meet new people from all walks of life. Everyone can find common ground in looking up at a plane wanting to experience that feeling, and Ben saw a parallel in a pint of good beer. Today Hangar 24 has over 130 employees and is distributed state-wide in California, Arizona and Nevada. Their year-round lineup of beers includes flagship Orange Wheat, which is brewed with whole pureed Redlands oranges, and their recently released Betty IPA. They also offer four seasonal releases, a “Local Fields” series of six beers drawing inspiration from locally sourced ingredients, and a Barrel Roll series of barrel-aged beers which are suitable for aging.